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witch(es) in the coven
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Anonymous whispered,
"Are you going???"

I wish!

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Anonymous whispered,
"OMG SO EXCITED FOR WALKING DEAD and for AHS's panel omggggg"

Me too!!

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Just watched the Comic Con trailer for the new season of The Walking Dead  


So excited!!

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Anonymous whispered,
"The panel is tomorrow, room 6DE, 7-8pm"

Thanks :)

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americxanhorrorstory whispered,
"i believe ahs' panel is Saturday! :)"

Thanks :)

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Anonymous whispered,
"So when is the Comic Con festival?"

I’m honestly not sure what day AHS is. Anyone know?

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Anonymous whispered,
"Is emma in s4?"

Yup :)

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Anonymous whispered,
"Any way to watch the live Comic Con festival? Will there be any news about Freak Show? And when?"

Anyone know if there’s a link for a stream. I’m sure they’ll give some small hints about Freak Show :)

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Drawing of Tate 
done in 2013

***This is fantastic!***

Drawing of Tate 

done in 2013

***This is fantastic!***

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heatherdanyel whispered,
"Do you think the rumor about Pepper being in Freak Show is true? And if you do what do you think about it??"

I’m on the fence about the rumor. Ryan is pretty big on announcing when actors or actress join the show, and there’s been no mention of Naomi Grossman. It would be nice to see Pepper again, I enjoyed her a lot in Asylum :) 

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American Horror Story: Lung Cancer

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(Source: ahsconfessions)

(Source: ahsconfessions)

Anonymous whispered,
"how can I watch ahs coven?"

You can try watchseries.eu

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